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Contender Worlds 2015

Contender Worlds 2015 Medemblik

Dutch Open Championship 22 - 24 July
Contender World Championship 25 - 31 July

Medemblik The Netherlands

We welcome our new sponsor NED1671!!

News Posted on 09 Jul, 2015 16:55:59

NED1671 is Medemblik’s Marina Store situated on the Pekelharinghaven.
The central meeting point at the harbour.
The store provides breakfast service, fresh coffee, souvenirs and much more

General information and guidelines

Location Posted on 09 Jul, 2015 16:00:21

Slipway situation
Boats and trailers shall be kept in their assigned places in the boat park.
Please note that the slipway is for public use and must stay clear for other people.

The slipway area is not to be used for carparking. Use the parking lot in front of the International Sailing Centre.

Parking of your car is only allowed directly in front of the International Sailing Centre.
No cars are allowed in the slipway area except on arrival and departure.

Camping close to the International Sailing Centre is allowed only in a specific area.

Campers will be parked in designated areas, tents will be situated on the grassland close to the International Sailing Centre.

The WC2015 camping badge is required and available at the registration desk for a small fee.

Toilets and showers of the International Sailing Centre are available.
In order to keep the surroundings clean we request you to use the offered facilities.

We kindly ask you not to use the toilets of the restaurant MED other than being a guest of the restaurant.

No open fire (including BBQ) is allowed on the camping lot.